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At approximately 8.00pm on 29 March 2018, Red Lea Chickens Pty Limited and certain related entities were placed into Voluntary Administration with McGrathNicol partners; Barry Kogan, Jason Preston and Kathy Sozou appointed as Administrators.

Due to the financial position of the companies, we regret to advise that the Administrators are unable to trade the business and have no alternative other than to undertake an orderly wind-down of operations. 

Further information will be provided to creditors and suppliers in the coming days.

Please contact: redlea@mcgrathnicol.com should you have any queries.

The Finest Chicken in the Land

Love chicken? You’ve come to the right place.

Our Red Lea Chickens family are passionate about serving delicious, fresh chicken every day. We started out by selling fresh poultry products door to door, but eventually there were so many hungry Australians craving our tasty birds that we had to enlist the help of others.

We’ve now got 38 dedicated Red Lea Chicken stores (and counting!) serving fresh and cooked chickens straight to our customers, and we also deliver our fresh chooks to restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, clubs and specialty butchers around the country.

It’s no wonder our chicken is known as the better tasting chicken.

Fresh is Best



We’ve been serving delicious, fresh chicken to Australia for over 60 years. That might sound to you like an exceptionally long time to be in business. And it is.

Our success has come from decades of experience in rearing and processing chicken to the highest standards, so that we can continue to deliver the finest quality products, served fresh to Australia every day.

We approach everything we do with our core company belief in mind, “Fresh is Best”.



If you’re a chicken enthusiast, you’ll feel right at home with Red Lea Chickens. We’re a family owned business and we’ve created a whole range of products just for enthusiasts like yourself! Of course there’s our fresh chicken range, which offers only the finest, freshest chicken products straight from our paddock to your plate.

Then there’s our gourmet range, which includes artful flavour combinations like Chicken & Cheese, Spinach & Ricotta, and some of the classics we knew you’d love like the Cordon Bleu, Chicken Kiev and Chicken Mignon.

We’ve got a flavour-packed cooked range, with Chicken Pepperoni, Cabanossi, Chicken Sausages and tasty smoked chicken.

And if you’re a BBQ lover (who isn’t?) your mouth will be watering over our Marinated Buffalo Drumsticks, Moroccan Maryland Cutlets, and Marinated Tandoori Chickens.



At Red Lea Chickens we’ve got leading equipment and state of the art facilities, but we’re still very traditional at heart and we really care about the quality of our chickens.

We follow best practice farming guidelines and comply with the latest edition on model code for the welfare of animals and domestic poultry.

Our breeder and broiler chickens are licenced with the NSW Food Authority and meet both national and state guidelines for farming chickens.

We also source all our poultry feed from leading Australian suppliers who endeavour to source non-GM ingredients.

The difference is in the flavour, our chickens really do taste better!

Our Land

Red Lea Chickens taste so good because they’re raised on Australian farms with nutrient-rich soil, in thriving regions where there’s an abundance of fresh country air and space to roam.

We’re Free Range Accredited, and our farms are all based in rural and regional areas of New South Wales.

Our largest farms are based in Wellington and Tamworth, with 155 hectares each. Coorangbong is a 45 hectare farm, Mandalong is 35ha and our smallest is based in Menangle, NSW with 5 hectares.



You'll love our range of fresh delicious chicken concepts. We've got some divine flavour combinations including Spinach & Ricotta, and our ever-popular Chicken Delight (it's truly delightful) and for the old souls of the world, you'll love our classics, like Bacon & Cheese and our classic Chicken Kiev.



Pop into one of our 38 locations for a fresh, hot roast chicken to enjoy tonight!
If you're planning a picnic, fill youry basket with our flavoursome Chicken Kranskys, Cocktail Frankfurts and Chicken Cabanossi.
We've also got Family Chicken Sausages, Buffalo Drumsticks and Marinated Spare Ribs for the BBQ!

“Red Lea is by far the freshest produce in the land, we provide the most delicious produce fresh from the farm to you.”




Red Lea Chickens' own breeder rearing farms provide the broilers which are then placed onto Contract Broiler Grower farms and the birds are reared to about 55 days of age. We ensure all chickens are processed in accordance with Government and International regulations. This covers plant hygiene, quality assurance, animal welfare standards and regular inspections by State authorities. Red Lea Chickens has a HACCP system in place to ensure quality & freshness of product.

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