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Delicious and fresh chicken at your doorstep in Sydney!

If you love chicken, then you will enjoy our delicious chicken products and dishes. We believe in providing only high-quality poultry for our customers so they can enjoy scrumptious meals. Our services include quick home delivery across Sydney and the neighbouring regions of NSW. From eggs to chickens, we sell everything on a larger scale. We also make sure all our products are scanned for quality checks and inspections before we sell them online across the city. Our experts test and try all our fresh produce as well as maintain high standards of processing products on our farms.

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Fresh Chicken

We test and try all our fresh produce before we deliver it to you.


Cold Storage

All our produce is kept in cold storage to get good quality chicken.


Standard Quality

We maintain high standards of rearing and processing chickens on our farms in Sydney.


Animal Welfare

We comply with all animal welfare policies and guidelines when breeding our chickens.

Delivering You High-Quality, And Fresh Gourmet Chicken



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Serving The Best Chicken To Your Homes

At Rd Lea Fresh Farm Chickens, we deliver fresh, quality-check and healthy chicken and poultry products across Sydney and its neighbouring cities. Our in-house team knows that fresh chicken can last in cold storage for not more than two days. We keep a close check on it and deliver fresh chickens at the best price. Our company also ensure that our cold storage units are cutting-edge and can control temperature whenever required. The best part is that we have a modern-age technical processing plant and over 500 skilled and dedicated employees. All our farms are located across the NSW and looking to expand our business across Australia.

What Locations Do We Deliver To?

We want to give our clients only fresh and delicious farm and gourmet chicken, so we operate in Sydney and neighbouring areas like Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. We have achieved this scale by leasing farms in all major locations of Australia. CP2S helped us find our ideal space for Commercial Real Estate in Sydney & all other major locations easily with just a click, without actually visiting different regions. This is why our clients get only fresh and high-quality products that are lip-smacking good.

Our broiler and breeder chickens are reared according to the NSW Food Authority and state guidelines for animal welfare. We take care of our animals and make sure they are not fed any genetically modified hormones in their feed.

Along with our fresh and value-added products, we also offer a variety of gourmet produce. This includes Chicken Mini Roll, Chicken Kiev, Spinach And Ricotta Deboned, Chicken Delight, Chicken Mignon, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken And Cheese. Our Gourmet products are prepared under hygienic conditions and the premises is cleaned and sanitized by professional cleaners who are expert at End of lease cleaning Sydney. Our primary aim is to provide delicious and hygienic products to our customers and we leave no stone unturned to achieve this.


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