Our Story

We are a family-oriented fresh farm chicken business.

We at Red Lea Fresh Farm Chickens take care of our poultry on Australian farms that are spacious open areas with plenty of sunlight and nutrient-rich soils.

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Who We Are

Red Lea Farms is a fresh farm chicken business that started with a single Blacktown processing plant and few home members. Now we have a highly technical processing plant and more than 500 employees.

Where Are Your Chicken Farms Based?

All our farms are based in the regional and rural areas of New South Wales. We have our largest farms based in the regions of Wellington and Tamworth, and each has around 155 hectares. Our most miniature farm is based in Menangle with around 5 hectares.

At our farms, we have the broilers, which are then placed on Contract Broiler Grower farms. The chickens are raised on these broiler farms for 55 days with organic and nutrient-rich produce. We follow all state and international regulations for safely rearing chickens.

Red Lea Farms take our rearing process very seriously, and we follow all HACCP standards. We monitor and verify all food safety standards while rearing and processing our chickens to ensure you get the best quality products at your doorstep.


The Process Timeline